The Tier 1 Hockey Federation is set to elevate the 2024-25 season with an exciting lineup of showcases, offering its member teams an enhanced playing experience. With a schedule structured around full and partial seasons of home and away games, the THF aims to facilitate increased game participation within the league.

In collaboration with Exposure Series, THF will operate most of these events to provide a platform for teams to showcase their skills and foster competition.

Check out the THF showcase schedule:

  • August 23-25 | York, PA Showcase (15U-18U)
  • September 13-15 | Minnesota Showcase (13U-18U)
  • September 20-22 | Pittsburgh Showcase (15U-18U)
  • October 11-14 | Michigan Showcase (9U-14U)
  • November 15-17 | Connecticut Showcase (9U-12U)
  • November 22-24 | Pittsburgh Showcase (13U-14U)
  • December 13-15 | Philadelphia Showcase (15U-18U)
  • December 13-15 | Hershey Showcase (9U-12U)
  • December 20-22 | New Jersey Showcase (13U-14U)
  • January 17-20 | Detroit Showcase (15U-18U)
  • January 17-20 | Pittsburgh Showcase (9U-12U)
  • January 31-February 2 | Chicago Showcase (13U-14U)

These showcases promise a dynamic and competitive environment for Tier 1 Hockey Federation teams, setting the stage for an unforgettable season of hockey. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the best talent on display at these premier events!