atlantic district


  • Qualification: The qualifier will be 2 from the AYHL and 2 at-large teams
    • At-Large teams have agreed to advance their teams through a format within the THF
    • THF Representation
      • 1- AAHA ("Atlantic District") team that finishes highest in the THF overall regular season KRACH Ratings
      • 2- Spot
        • Atlantic District Team 2 vs. Team 3 in the overall KRACH Ratings will play a "play-in" game for the 2nd spot
        • UNLESS Team 2 is 9 spots or higher in the My Hockey Rankings as of February
          • Example if team 2 is Ranked #20 and team 3 is Ranked #26, they will play a play in game. If Team 3 is ranked #20 and team 2 is ranked #26 they will play a play in game. If Team 2 is ranked #20 and team 3 is ranked 40 there is no play in game.
      • All teams must play a minimum of 12 THF games to advance - no forfeits or cancellations
      • Roster integrity system will be put in place
      • **Note- in 24-25 all THF District Bound teams will play a minimum of 1 game vs. each other and that will determine the advancement
  • Playoff Format:
    • Teams will compete in a 4 team round robin
      • Teams will be seeded by
    • Winner of the Round Robin advances to best of three championship vs 1 seed from the AYHL
    • Winner of the Championship advance to Nationals