The Tier 1 Hockey Federation wish you all a Happy New Year as we gear up for the end of the season! We had 1,032 games in 2022 and introduced both the United States Premier Hockey League North and the THF West conferences. 

Roman Ilyaich from the New York Aviators leads the league with 52 goals and Alexander Mozuraitis from the Mercer Chiefs with 31 assists. On the defensive side of things, there are five goalies from teams all over the THF with a 1.00 save percentage.

The teams that are ranked first in each division using KRACH are Pal Jr. Islanders (10U Major), Jersey Hitmen (10U Minor), Rockets (12U Major), Mercer Chiefs (12U Minor), Rockets (14U Major), Pal Jr. Islanders (14U Minor), Esmark Stars (15U Pure), Rockets (16U) and Esmark Stars (18U). You can view all rankings here. KRACH rankings have been broken up into subdivisions. Teams will have the ability to move up and down subdivisions until January. The final subdivision will include the teams in competition for a playoff spot. The THF is looking forward to playoffs and another great year in 2023.