The Tier 1 Hockey Federation will be releasing KRACH rankings every week. KRACH rankings are a team’s win and loss ratio multiplied by the strength of schedule. Due to the THF playing an unbalanced schedule and some teams playing a full versus partial season, KRACH will fairly measure each teams rankings. 

Teams will have the ability to move up and down rankings until January. The final rankings will include subdivisions with the teams eligible for a playoff spot.

The THF will release KRACH on the app weekly on Wednesdays and on the website on Friday. Thus KRACH was released, November 30 on our THF mobile app and today, December 2 on our website. 

Be sure to stay tuned for your teams’ KRACH rankings as top teams will make playoffs and the subdivisions will be finalized in January. 

About Tier 1 Hockey Federation – THF is a USA Hockey Sanctioned Elite Tier-1 Youth Hockey League. The THF provides elite-level competition through an unbalanced schedule among Tier 1 and elite clubs on the East Coast. The THF is managed by full-time professional staff and initially has over 100 elite or AAA teams from 9U-18U committed for its inaugural 2022-23 season. The THF brings together clubs from multiple leagues and states and is the only organization whose members operate franchises in the top junior hockey leagues in the US for NCAA Division I commitments: USHL, NAHL, NCDC and the top two junior hockey leagues for NCAA Division III commitments, the USPHL Premier Division and the Eastern Hockey League.