The Tier 1 Hockey Federation is excited to announce that Lake Forest Academy (LFA) will be joining the Central conference for the upcoming 2023-24 hockey season. With its own state-of-the-art ice rink on campus, MacKenzie Ice Arena, LFA is set to bring a new level of talent and competition to the conference.

Lake Forest Academy stands as the only high school in the state of Illinois to boast its very own ice rink, providing a unique advantage for its hockey teams. With three teams in their program – a prep boys team, varsity boys team, and prep girls team – LFA has consistently demonstrated their commitment to excellence in hockey.

The prep boys team, in particular, has been a force to be reckoned with, participating in a two-season sport that runs from August through February. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in numerous achievements both on and off the ice. Lake Forest Academy’s athletic program is renowned for offering a wide range of opportunities, from preparing athletes for collegiate athletics to fostering physical fitness and individual development.

At the core of Lake Forest Academy’s athletic program is the promotion of sportsmanship. The institution firmly believes in honoring participation, achievement, and effort across all athletic endeavors. Whether it’s varsity athletics, intramurals, physical education, or general recreation, LFA instills values that extend beyond the ice rink.

Lake Forest Academy’s commitment to developing exceptional hockey players is evident in their track record. From 2018 to 2022, over 34 players have transitioned from LFA to Junior hockey teams, showcasing their talent at higher levels of competition. Additionally, more than 60 players during the same period have gone on to play hockey at the collegiate level, further demonstrating the success of LFA’s program in preparing athletes for higher education.

As the Tier 1 Hockey Federation continues to grow and evolve, the addition of Lake Forest Academy is a testament to the federation’s commitment to promoting top-tier talent and fostering a competitive environment. The Central conference eagerly awaits the arrival of Lake Forest Academy, and we look forward to witnessing the exciting matchups that will unfold on the ice during the 2023-24 season.