In a groundbreaking announcement, the Tier 1 Hockey Federation has revealed that forward Thomas Konkowski of the NY Arrows has been tendered by the PAL Jr. Islanders of the National Collegiate Development Conference (NCDC). This move signifies a significant step in Konkowski’s promising hockey career and promises to inject a new level of skill and talent into the Jr. Islanders’ lineup.

Hailing from Holtsville, New York, Konkowski has established himself as a standout player for the NY Arrows, amassing an impressive 16 goals and 5 assists, contributing to a total of 21 points in just 13 games this season. His exceptional performance has not only garnered attention within the Arrows organization but has also captured the interest of the PAL Jr. Islanders, who are eager to add his scoring prowess to their roster.

The PAL Jr. Islanders, proud members of the United States Premier Hockey League’s National Collegiate Development Conference, entered the league in 2017 and have quickly become a force to be reckoned with. The NCDC, known for its commitment to developing elite talent, provides a platform for players like Konkowski to showcase their skills at a high level of competition.

For Konkowski, the transition to the Jr. Islanders represents a new chapter in his hockey journey, offering him the opportunity to further refine his skills and compete in a challenging environment. 

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