The Sylvania Youth Hockey Club (SYHI) has long been a cornerstone of hockey development in Sylvania, Ohio. With a commitment to fostering a love for the game at all levels, SYHI has consistently provided opportunities for players of diverse backgrounds and skill levels. As the 2024-25 season approaches, the announcement of the Sylvania North Stars joining the Tier 1 Hockey Federation marks a significant milestone in the club’s journey towards excellence.

SYHI’s dedication to player development and organizational growth has been unwavering. Recognizing the importance of cultivating a strong culture within the organization, SYHI engaged in discussions with USA Hockey, welcoming insights from coaches and stakeholders. Through these discussions, it became evident that a robust organizational culture is essential for maximizing player and coach potential.

Central to the club’s philosophy are three core values: a love for the game, respect, and a commitment to hard work. These values not only shape the way hockey is played within the organization but also serve as guiding principles for personal growth both on and off the ice. By emphasizing skill development, skating ability, and hockey sense, SYHI aims to provide its players with a comprehensive foundation for success.

About Tier 1 Hockey Federation
The Tier 1 Hockey Federation is a USA Hockey Sanctioned Tier-I Youth Hockey League that offers a highly competitive environment for Tier 1 and elite clubs nationwide, with an unbalanced schedule that ensures top-level play. The THF is managed by a team of dedicated professionals with over 290 AAA teams, ranging from 9U-18U age levels.

One of the key advantages of the THF is its ability to bring together clubs from multiple leagues and states, providing a unique opportunity for young players to compete against the best in the country. But what truly sets the THF apart is the fact that it’s the only organization whose members operate franchises in the top junior hockey leagues in the US for NCAA Division I commitments, including the USHL, NAHL, NCDC, and the top two junior hockey leagues for NCAA Division III commitments, the USPHL Premier Division and the Eastern Hockey League. This unique structure ensures that THF players have access to a wide variety of opportunities to further their hockey careers at the college level and beyond.