Tier 1 Hockey Federation is thrilled to announce the launch of its new exclusive merchandise store!

The THF League Merch Store showcases an impressive range of top-quality equipment and apparel, designed to elevate your hockey experience. The store features renowned brands to bring you sticks, gloves, apparel, and accessories that exude both style and performance. To celebrate the launch of our THF league merch store, we’re offering an exclusive discount of up to 20% off on hockey gear.

Our collection features an array of sticks and gloves from the iconic brand. Stand out on the ice with our customizable items! Add a personal touch by putting your name and number on select apparel and accessories.

Sticks Available for Showcase Pickup

Looking to order a new stick for showcases? You can now order sticks available for pick up at THF showcases partnered with Exposure Series.

To ensure you’re geared up for the second THF Showcase in Pittsburgh, PA, scheduled from September 22nd to 25th, make sure to place your stick orders by September 6th. This guarantees that your custom stick will be ready and waiting for you to unleash your skills on the ice.

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Visit our official THF League Merch Store and take advantage of this opportunity to rock league merch.

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Let’s lace up, gear up, and take the game to the next level with THF League Merch!